Jeff Abbott – Adrenaline (Sam Capra 1)

Early this year I stumbled upon Jeff Abbott and his Sam Capra series. So I got hold of book 1 and recently it reached the top of my (endless?) stack of books to read. So it’s all about Adrenaline and what started the book adventures of former CIA-Agent Sam Capra. Actually, it starts at the […]

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Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead

Did you ever get the urge to shake a book’s protagonist for acting stupid? Well, in Deep Down Dead I did. Multiple times. I am quite sure that I do not understand how women think, but for Lori Anderson, a female bounty hunter, I actually wondered how she survived that long. Maybe as a mother […]

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Mason Cross – The Killing Season

I came across (no pun intended) this book because of a tweet by Steven Dunne, whose Reaper series I already wrote about. The Killing Season is the first book in the series of Carter Blake, some kind of ex-mercinary on his mission to help finding people. Well, I don’t spurn a recommendation by a great […]

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Marcus Sakey – Brilliance

Now, here we have an action packed thriller with a twist. Brilliance is the first in a series of books by Marcus Sakey that is very much in the mutated humans, i. e., individuals with special “enhanced” abilities here called Brilliants. In contrast to many other mutant fiction (be it inhumans, meta-humans, or the like), […]

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Axel Hollmann – Rissiges Eis

Die Autoren Marcus Johanus und Axel Hollmann führen das Video-Blog SchreibDilettanten, quasi ein Videoratgeber für Schreiberlinge und solche, die es werden wollen. Aber auch für Leser ist es oftmals interessant, dort zuzuschauen und über die “Innereien” des Autorenlebens zu erfahren. Nun geht es hier nicht um den Vlog, sondern um den Roman Rissiges Eis, auf […]

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Simon Kernick – A Good Day to Die (Dennis Milne 2)

I loved that Dennis Milne Character back in The Business of Dying, although he was a cop gone to the darker side. Finally, I got around to take up the second novel on Dennis in A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick. Well, yes, Kernick again. I really enjoy his writings and have so […]

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Salim Güler – Täuschung / Die Zelle

Mit seinem Roman Täuschung (Untertitel Die Zelle) bringt Salim Güler den Terror mitten in die deutschen Städte, hauptsächlich nach Köln, in dem der Kommissar Ansgar David vom BKA ermittelt. Ihm zur Seite gestellt begleitet ihn die NSA Agentin Nancy White, mal mehr und mal weniger harmonisch. Das Gerangel zwischen den beiden trägt auch einen guten […]

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Simon Kernick – Stay Alive

Just recently, I read the short novel by Simon Kernick ‘Dead Man’s Gift’ making me so nosy about this guy Scope I had to get hold of the full length novel Stay Alive, also featuring Scope. And in general I have not been disappointed, besides other protagonists, Scope was introduced in more depth and gained […]

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