Talking to Ghosts – Ironfist

Talking to Ghosts - Ironfist (Single cover art)

Hey, it’s been a while. Sorry to be so silent, as there was no lack of news. Well, today I am happy to announce a single of mine to be released right on this day, October 6th. It got published with Legacy of Thought, the fine online-label of my choice for ambient and electronic music. The track itself is part of a series of releases featuring imagined characters from the Forgotten Realms. This one is named Thorgar Ironfist, a cleric dwarf that later in life joined a party to fight against the darkness. This track is his origin story.

Thorgar Ironfist was born and raised in the dwarven city of Ironmaster, located in the eastern region of Faerun. He was the son of a well-respected blacksmith, and as such, Thorgar grew up around the forge, learning the ins and outs of crafting and working with metal. Despite his father’s wishes for him to take over the family business, Thorgar was always drawn to the ways of Moradin, the dwarven god of creation and patron of artisans and craftsmen. Thorgar spent many hours in the city’s temple, learning about the ways of the gods and developing his skills as a cleric. One day, Thorgar set out on a journey to spread the teachings of Moradin and to seek out new opportunities to craft and create.

From the scrolls of Forgotten Realms

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