Jeff Abbott – Adrenaline (Sam Capra 1)

Early this year I stumbled upon Jeff Abbott and his Sam Capra series. So I got hold of book 1 and recently it reached the top of my (endless?) stack of books to read. So it’s all about Adrenaline and what started the book adventures of former CIA-Agent Sam Capra. Actually, it starts at the […]

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Adam Rifkin – Look

Just a few weeks ago I held Director’s Cut in my hands, a movie by Penn Jilette, directed by Adam Rifkin, co-funded by me (well, it’s a crowdfunded movie and I supported it with a dime or two). In their talk about the movie, Penn mentioned Look, a movie done by Adam that caused Penn […]

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Have a break, have a KitCoke

(based on an Idea by Judith Noack)

Alex Thomas – Das Labyrinth des Blutes

Ist es der Fluch des zweiten Teils einer Serie (wie Indiana Jones und Star Wars V) oder bin ich bei diesem Roman einfach zu ├╝berkritisch? Eine Frage, die ich auch nach einigen Tagen nicht wirklich beantworten kann. Das Labyrinth des Blutes ist so ein zweiter Teil und setzt die Story um Agentin Paula Tennant fort. […]

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Raiders of the Lost Coke

(Original poster copyright Paramout Pictures, trademark copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Martha Wells – All Systems Red

Recently, I had the chance to grab All Systems Red from a virtual bargain bin. It’s a novella of size and for a change its a science fiction book. Actually it’s the first of The Murderbot Diaries series about a Droid that works for some exploration company as security robot. This is actually one of […]

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