Zero Gallery

In 2012 I started a daily photo series called “The Daily Zero”. Continued in 2018, extended by Zero Art, here you will find all the nonsense done. Enjoy.

(based on an Idea by Judith Noack) Read more
(Original poster copyright Paramout Pictures, trademark copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.) Read more
(Original artwork Copyright MGM / United Artists) Read more
Zero Art can be applied in many places. Well, rather than Art, one could call this Zero Fakes. (Original Cover Design Copyright IC / da Read more
Besides new real life scenes, I also followed up on the Zero Art, where I put the bottle, the cow and the glass into art Read more
End of last year, when I picked up re-posting the Daily Zero series on my blog, I thought about some additional scenes. As we moved Read more
At the end of the Daily Zero series, I thought about taking the art angle under the label "Zero Art". The one and only image Read more
The final photo of my original Daily Zero series. Fittingly named Acocalypse. Read more
I always wanted to do some magic. So here comes a hoverying bottle to play. No photo manipulation, just a matter of perspective. Unfortunately, I Read more
The amount of sugar is roughly about what makes Coke not Zero. Read more
This one does not translate at all with a word play: "erotisch" = erotic; "zero tische" = zero desks. Read more
Created in cooperation with Daniela Reddig. The drink really contained Coke Zero and tasted awful. Read more
(This one is obviously photoshopped, but I did not find a proper way to cut the coke bottle (it's really dfficult), not to say for cutting Read more
(previously unpublished) Read more
It's been quite a while. Starting today, I will publish the remaining photos of my Daily Zero series. About one per week. Read more
(One of my favorite crime shows ever. Had to add it!) Read more
  (Alternative version, not posted to the original album) Read more
Auch hier gibt es ein Lösungsbild, oben noch kross: Read more
Und so sah das Ergebnis aus: Read more
Von September bis Dezember 2012 veröffentlichte ich täglich einen "Aufguss" mit Zero-Getränk und diversen Ingredienzien auf Facebook. Da mir die Serie dort ein wenig verloren Read more