Nadja Roth – Seelenschatten

Selten, dass ich eine Reihe nicht mit dem ersten Band beginne. Hier war es eher der Zufall des Angebots. Seelenschatten wird als Krimi / Thriller vertrieben. Und dieser Roman hat es mir nicht leicht gemacht. Die Protagonistin ist die Kriminalhauptkommissarin Elli Werner, kürzlich von Schifferstadt nach Speyer gezogen. Sie hat gerade einen ziemlich verbockten Fall […]

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Layton Green – The Summoner

So, more than a year has passed to finally get around to book number 1 of the Dominic Grey series: The Summoner. I wrote about how I started with book #3 in autumn 2016, but of course, I had to go back for the first one. Well, I can say that it did not disappoint. […]

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Mason Cross – The Killing Season

I came across (no pun intended) this book because of a tweet by Steven Dunne, whose Reaper series I already wrote about. The Killing Season is the first book in the series of Carter Blake, some kind of ex-mercinary on his mission to help finding people. Well, I don’t spurn a recommendation by a great […]

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Simon Kernick – The Crime Trade

Well, Tina Boyd, her first case in the series is given with The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick. I was always curious about this series and finally got around to start with number one. And quite right from the beginning I had my suspicion about who was behind the initial incident written in the book. […]

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Marcus Sakey – Afterlife

From Brillance I knew that Marcus Sakey is into fantastic fictions. His new novel Afterlife is not connected to any past series of his, so I took the chance to read a current book rather than going on with Brillance part 2. Well, this new one is a hell of a ride and out of […]

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Steven Dunne – The Disciple

So I finally came around to read the successor of The Reaper: The Disciple. Yes, it is DI Damen Brook again who cannot let go off the reaper. And while he is quite sure the reaper is dead, incidents happening in Derby and at his doughter’s place not only bind him as suspect to a […]

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Marcus Sakey – Brilliance

Now, here we have an action packed thriller with a twist. Brilliance is the first in a series of books by Marcus Sakey that is very much in the mutated humans, i. e., individuals with special “enhanced” abilities here called Brilliants. In contrast to many other mutant fiction (be it inhumans, meta-humans, or the like), […]

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Andreas Eschbach – Todesengel

Aus Andreas Eschbachs Feder stammen so einige Bücher, die ich schon als genial bezeichnen möchte. Am wohlsten fühlt er sich wohl in der Science-Fiction und Fantasy Welt, denke ich mal an Jesus-Video oder Die Haarteppichknüpfer zurück. Vor vier Jahren besprach ich an dieser Stelle den ausgezeichneten SF-Thriller Der Letzte Seiner Art und nun der reine […]

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Layton Green – The Diabolist

Whoever recommended this book to me: be cursed. First, it made me start with the recent book (well, it was the third one while there actually is a fourth book of the series by now) and not the first of the Dominic Grey Series, and second, I now am hooked. Layton Green’s The Diabolist is […]

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Steven Dunne – The Reaper

With The Reaper I had the first book of Steven Dunne’s DI Brook series on my reading list. Damen Brook is quite a broken character as Detective Inspector. It was published in 2007, and although the idea of the character with personal issues is not new in the world of novel-investigators, the story itself is […]

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