Jim Butcher – Fool Moon (Dresden Files 2)

So I am back to some “oldie” returning to Harry Dresden, consulting wizard working in Chicago. This is actually his second file from 2001, nearly two decades ago. And it’s been a while, since I read the first book. In Fool Moon by Jim Butcher Dresden goes up against Werewolves.

It all starts with a protege who wants Dresden to teach her about dangerous rituals, which he refuses. Then, Lieutenant Murphy brings Dresden into a quite cruelsome murder case, where wolfish prints were found. Before any research, the FBI takes over. And, besides the case, not only is Murphy under watch (magic murders, huh?) but also Dresden is under suspicion of cooperating with a mob. On his way to solve the crime, Harry makes himself some new enemies with a street gang and gets arrested for murder. His protege was found dead and the scene stinks of magic rituals. Being freed by some mysterious woman, he finds apotential victim in her boy-friend McFinn. And when the police arrested McFinn, all hell breaks loose.

Fool Moon is a wonderful crime story with magical touch, as is to expected by Butcher. I can say that I still love Harry Dresden as character, and I love how the story is rolling over you like a steam train. There are quite some turns before Dresden figures out what is really going on. But it’s not going well for all the figures. Even though Harry puts all in. I love the writing of Jim Butcher, which is both suspensful and entertaining. The characters feel real, even though it’s fantasy fiction, and they perfectly carry the story. I definitely have to get on with Dresden’s files.