Talking to Ghosts – Over the Ob @ Trans-Siberian Express

Trans-Siberian Express CoverWhile I am a bit lazy with reading books, joining the Legacy of Thought community helped me composing music on a quite regular basis. From what I learned, it’s important to do things often to get better. So here comes my third contribution to a compilation. Trans-Siberian Express obviously is about that famous railway route from Moscow to Vladivostok. Each track features a place on that route. Mine is the entry to Novosibirsk, where one has to cross the bridge Over the Ob.

The music is more on the chill-out side. And it also features some vocals provided by a close friend of mine, Natalie. And the video is special as well, as it features photos and videos of another friend, Gerald, who took a ride on the express recently from Moscow up to Novosibirsk. Very fitting. You will find the video at Youtube. As well as links to where to get hold of it or add it to your Spotify stream.