Talking to Ghosts – Ironfist

Hey, it’s been a while. Sorry to be so silent, as there was no lack of news. Well, today I am happy to announce a single of mine to be released right on this day, October 6th. It got published with Legacy of Thought, the fine online-label of my choice for ambient and electronic music. […]

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Talking to Ghosts – Over the Ob @ Trans-Siberian Express

While I am a bit lazy with reading books, joining the Legacy of Thought community helped me composing music on a quite regular basis. From what I learned, it’s important to do things often to get better. So here comes my third contribution to a compilation. Trans-Siberian Express obviously is about that famous railway route […]

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Talking to Ghosts – Orogeny @ Future of the Earth

And here comes my second publication as Talking to Ghosts. It’s the latest compilation named Future of the Earth, again via Legacy of Thought. As before, you can find a video on the track at my Youtube channel. The track and the complete album is available via iTunes and Spotify.

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Talking to Ghosts – Nankyokusei @ Seven Lucky Gods

So I finally made it to an official publication. Under the moniker Talking to Ghosts, a first track made it onto the compilation Seven Lucky Gods published via Legacy of Thought. And it really seams to give good luck, as the track already made it to a live bi-weekly streaming show, Some Good Music Vibes. […]

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Working on new music

It’s been quite a while, since muse got hold on me. Since a week or so I am working on new music. The one actually got triggered by an electronic music contest I have been invited to (as have many, many others somehow related to a worshipper organization). It’s themed on animals, single ones, groups […]

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ElektroNation mit DJ Atari

Es gibt Zeiten, da will ich einfach nur abschalten und mir den Kopf durchpusten lassen. Am Besten geht das mit Musik und freitags sehr gut mit der Elektronation, einer Radiosendung von DJ Atari. Gespielt wird elektronische Tanzmusik, aber eher dunkler Natur, wobei es sich auch um ein Wunschradio handelt, also werden auch (einigermaßen passende) Wünsche […]

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syndae – Podcast on electronic Music

So, I am adding posts to my blog, completely forgot to add some advertisment on my own stuff. Since 2008 already I am doing a weekly podcast on (traditional) electronic music, ambient, and sometimes also dancable electronica. If you’re into Berlin School music like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, popular electronics like Jean-Michel Jarre, or […]

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Peter Fox – Stadtaffe

Zur Abwechslung mal eine Musik-Rezi. Normalerweise bin ich ja ein Hörer elektronischer Musik, aber ein bisschen Abwechslung in der Hörbeschallung tut auch mal gut. Mit Peter Fox’ Stadtaffe fand ich eine tolle Scheibe, bei der mir selbst der Sprechgesang gefällt (da schalte ich meist direkt ab bei Rap). Ich war ja schon damals begeistert, als […]

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