Working on new music

It’s been quite a while, since muse got hold on me. Since a week or so I am working on new music.

The one actually got triggered by an electronic music contest I have been invited to (as have many, many others somehow related to a worshipper organization). It’s themed on animals, single ones, groups or a complete zoo. A jury will select about 10 or so tracks of the submissions to be released on a CD. Well, not sure, if my track will be selected, but I am having fun doing the song and it will surely somehow find its way to be available online.

The second is a track fragment that lay dormant for about two years now. I had used it as an alternative intro in a few syndae podcast episodes. Now it is to be worked out to result in a full track of decent length. It’s more on the beaty side of music I do and thus should make a good track to be played on radio as well.