Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead

Did you ever get the urge to shake a book’s protagonist for acting stupid? Well, in Deep Down Dead I did. Multiple times. I am quite sure that I do not understand how women think, but for Lori Anderson, a female bounty hunter, I actually wondered how she survived that long. Maybe as a mother one headlessly throws yourself in danger, as soon as your child is threatened. If so, this is an excellent character study on such a mother.

Now, I know this starting paragraph sounds deeply negative. Fact is, that I still enjoyed the book. It’s written full of action and has a quite constant pace. Lori and her mate Tate being hunted by criminals and hunting criminals, trying to save their daughter. They do stack quite a pile of luck to find their way out, but overall the story is very entertaining. The writing is splendid, sceneries turn right into images when reading.

There areĀ  a couple of follow up stories to this rather rough start. Interesting characters, so more books may be added to my reading list.