Jeff Abbott – Adrenaline (Sam Capra 1)

Early this year I stumbled upon Jeff Abbott and his Sam Capra series. So I got hold of book 1 and recently it reached the top of my (endless?) stack of books to read. So it’s all about Adrenaline and what started the book adventures of former CIA-Agent Sam Capra. Actually, it starts at the point in his story, where he stopped being a CIA-Agent.

Sam just escapes a bomb attack on a CIA meeting, by being urged by his pregnant wife to leave the building. Consequently, he is first treated as suspect by the CIA in cooperation with his wife. He denies and also does not believe in his wife being a terrorist. And naturally he starts hunting the man he thinks responsible for the bombing and the abduction of his wife and unborn child. On his way, he joins some operatives having a similar goal.

Adrenaline is an action packed, high-paced thriller. And while the hero is kind of a fighting machine, he never appears to be a super human but a highly skilled anyone. The story evolves to a rollercoaster for Sam, where loosing and winning are held in balance. Of course, he solves the background to the bombing and about the attackers, not without some nice twists towards the end of the story.

I loved how Abbott describes the scenes and settings for Capra’s actions. The language is partially harder but not rough or overly brutal, even with quite a bunch of people dying on the way. There will surely be more of Sam Capra on my reader in the future.