Simon Kernick – A Good Day to Die (Dennis Milne 2)

getimage.aspxI loved that Dennis Milne Character back in The Business of Dying, although he was a cop gone to the darker side. Finally, I got around to take up the second novel on Dennis in A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick. Well, yes, Kernick again. I really enjoy his writings and have so many novels of his to catch up.

If you are looking for a top notch thriller, here it is. Dennis returning from his “retirement”, or rather exile, in the Philippines to solve the murder of a good cop and friend of his time with the London police. So he sneaked back into London and his investigation simply is a ride to hell and back. He got quite lucky, not to die in the first few chapters already, and with the help of friends, or not so friends, or not so enemies he closes into the case more and more. Cannot tell much without spoiling the reading fun, but there’s the Journalist, the Cop, and, of course, a pile of gangsters involved. The finale came of quite a surprise to me, for I suspected someone completely else behind all this scheme from somewhere in the middle of the book on.

What I like a lot with Simon are the characters he builds up. I can dig into them, understand their motives and buy the conlusions they draw in talk and action. Moreover, the action scenes depicted are really well written and the story line builds a good suspense to keep the reader at it. This book is not the right one to put aside for long. Highly recommended, if you like the genre.