Mason Cross – The Killing Season

I came across (no pun intended) this book because of a tweet by Steven Dunne, whose Reaper series I already wrote about. The Killing Season is the first book in the series of Carter Blake, some kind of ex-mercinary on his mission to help finding people. Well, I don’t spurn a recommendation by a great author, and I don’t regret it for one minute.

In this book, Carter Blake (who claims it not to be his real name) is hired to help the FBI finding the fugitiv serial sniper Wardell. Of course, with very happy FBI folks. Not. But he very quickly shows his abilities in percieving the escape route of the sniper, who is not really trying to escape but follow his plan of attack on innocent and other people. The great thing about Blake’s hunt, in my point of view, is that his reasoning seems plausible. Of course, there are quite some coincidences taking place, but to me it works out. And it’s very supportive that Blake always is a bit late at the scene, so it does not end on the first shooting.

The book is written from three perspectives, Cross takes the first person view on Carter and third person on Agent Banner and Caleb Wardell. The writing supports the tension built by the story line and makes it a great read and page turner. It’s quite a straight forward story, though, with few minor twists so it becomes a splendid action thriller. I’ll definitely look into its successors.

Star Trek Memories

Recently, when discussing the current theme of the U.S.S. Discovery, I remembered some very own activities in the Star Trek universe. In the early years of this century, I was active in an online RPG in the very ST universe taking place on the U.S.S. Caradhras (a tiny little pointer to my other hobby that day: The Lord of the Rings). Back then I composed a tiny theme for this “series”, which obviously is in the style of the classic series like Voyager or Deep Space Nine. Just for fun, of course.


We also planned for a follow-up role play on a ship called U.S.S. Rosen, which would enable a brand new drive based on Einstein-Rosen-Bridge technology (Ha!). For this, I did some sketches of a new type of ship with collapsible nacelles. Just found this on my hard drive.

Simon Kernick – The Crime Trade

Well, Tina Boyd, her first case in the series is given with The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick. I was always curious about this series and finally got around to start with number one. And quite right from the beginning I had my suspicion about who was behind the initial incident written in the book. But I was wrong.

The novel is very well written and a pacy and gripping read, no surprise here, this is a Kernick book. In the beginning, a police sting operation goes deadly wrong, one of two cops participating dies and the hunt for the culprit starts. Meanwhile, some other murders keeps the investigators busy, which turn out to be connected somehow. While the main officer seems to be DI John Gallan, the core findings are by his partner DS Tina Boyd.

The view of the story changes several times between the investigators and one subject, the surviving cop of the sting operation: Stegs Jenner. And to be honest, I wonder why the book isn’t subtitled “Stegs Jenner” instead of Tina Boyd, as Jenner and his point of view seems to take the biggest part of the book. The funny thing is that Jenner seems somewhat like Dennis Milne, an ex-cop and the protagonist of another series of Kernick. But things turn out to be quite different in this case.

Overall I loved this story. I am curious about the follow-ups and hope to learn more about Tina Boyd and hope she has a more present role. I’ll see, one day or so.

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