Adam Rifkin – Look

Just a few weeks ago I held Director’s Cut in my hands, a movie by Penn Jilette, directed by Adam Rifkin, co-funded by me (well, it’s a crowdfunded movie and I supported it with a dime or two). In their talk about the movie, Penn mentioned Look, a movie done by Adam that caused Penn to contact him for Adam becoming his director for Director’s Cut. Anyways, about 10 days ago I found that the big online store in the US does have a copy of the movie and ships to Germany. Well, yesterday the DVD arrived at my home.

So into my player and on goes a ride of admiration. The movie tells several intertwined stories showing the intrigues and fates and plots of “everyday” people, among them sex addicts, cheaters, murderers, bullies, and kidnappers. Ok, does not really read like “everyday” poeple. So we get rated and violent scenes, but also sad and funny pictures. In parts, maybe a dream come true for voyeurs. All the footage allegedly taken by surveillance cameras (it’s not, but definitely looks like it). Besides this interesting point of view, the singles stories and how they connect with each other is kind of brilliant. And seeing the deleted scenes, the film is definitely cut to the point. (Pity though, Adam cut himself out acting as drive-in worker.)

It was also funny to see Hayes MacArthur again (whom I’ve seen in Director’s Cut) and Jamie McShane (who had a major role in Bosch last season, previously on Grimm, Breaking Bad, Thor). But that’s just me. One might know better of Chris Williams (Californication) or Rhys Coiro (The Walking Dead, Hostages, 24). So quite some names on this movie, too.

To close this up, I love what Adam Rifkin did here. And surely, after watching, one might get more cautious on one’s actions, as every step might be caught right on camera. Oh, look! And then there is a series as well…