Steven Dunne – The Disciple

So I finally came around to read the successor of The Reaper: The Disciple. Yes, it is DI Damen Brook again who cannot let go off the reaper. And while he is quite sure the reaper is dead, incidents happening in Derby and at his doughter’s place not only bind him as suspect to a scene, but makes him restart the investigation on the culprit.

The novel provides two main strands intelligently intervowen. Besides the investigation by Brook, we learn about the reaper’s past activities in the U.S.A. that result in nursing his disciple. Who that is will be revealed in the final chapters of the novel, and I must admit that I did not get it right. Which is always a good sign to me. Most of the time I was quite as puzzled as DI Brook.

In my view, this is a great follow up book. It’s pace might not be as fast as The Reaper, instead it presented a twist and some riddles keeping me thrilled throughout the story. The highlights, of course, are the characters and their interactions. They all felt real, their actions plausible, which in the end resulted in a satisfying reading experience. Very much recommended, and, surely, one day I will find the time to read on about this witful DI.