Music-Party FB Banner

Long time no write. Today about some other stuff I do, where I occasionally¬† help out some friends who run a music festival and support a music party. While good at organizing, they own rather basic skills with graphics and design. It’s time again to start advertising for their upcoming garden party (beginning of July) and the following festival (end of September). For the past years, I used my Photoshop for graphics and InkScape for all vector and print related things. Well, InkScape is a free tool and I had hopes up that it would get around one day. Maybe it will, but when I stumbled about Affinity Designer, I could not stop myself to buy it. It’s not expensive at all and fulfills all my needs. I especially love their support for print-great with CMYK and iso for PDF.

This is the first banner I did for them to add to their Facebook group:

And here is the flyer I did for the party, which was easily exported for print: