Layton Green – The Diabolist

thediabolistWhoever recommended this book to me: be cursed. First, it made me start with the recent book (well, it was the third one while there actually is a fourth book of the series by now) and not the first of the Dominic Grey Series, and second, I now am hooked. Layton Green’s The Diabolist is a mystery thriller, hence, not only providing the gripping story but getting into your mind with its psychic attitude. When diving into the story, one often is unsure about it being real or surreal. As I said (or so): I loved it.

This is the not the first book on Dominic Grey, so I have to live without knowing about the beginnings. There are hints on past adventures spread throughout the novel, and these read damn intriguing to make my bookshelves bend even more (Ok, it’s virtual shelves with e-books nowadays.) So what’s in it? The lead character, Dominic Grey, a former Diplomatic Security Agent, together with his boss, Professor Viktor Radek, a cult expert, investigate the murder of a sect leader. Some more murders are added to this killer series, and the investigation leads the team back to the past of Radek and the leader of a satanic cult organization.

The story is packed with action as well as historic discoveries, which makes it a fast and educating read with respect to the occult and religions. The heros’ actions are majorly realistic (as far as it goes for mystery), having their lows and highs, struggling with the investigations, which always seem to just go to their favour. The antagonists are written similar interesting, although the important combat between Dominic and his opponent was suprisingly short. I will definitely get on with these guys, starting from the beginning, of course.