Arthur C. Clarke – Rendezvous with Rama

Rama_copyWhen I was younger, science fiction was my preferred genre in literature over thriller and crime. Now and again I like good scifi, and someone pointed me to this classic Rendezvous with Rama by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. The author himself a highly acclaimed writer in fiction and science as well, so nothing more to expect than a great novel.

Does it sound bad saying this novel is decidedly slow and barely has any action scene in it? To me, this slow and rather relaxed style of writing was an eye opener to what makes great science fiction. It is not about putting action into space or future, like what you see in current movies. The main thrill about scifi is discovering the unknown and unexpected, learning about foreign worlds and environments. Opening the unbelievable oportunity to experience amazing and outlandish images build by one’s own brain, like standing on top of a mountain, having the most astonishing view, and discovering new scenes and details everywhere around oneself.

This book is full of exciting discoveries and I really loved being able to take time and have a story unfold so easy but still surprising and thrilling in its own way. Highly recommended.