Hannibal (TV)

I’d say, everybody knows Hannibal from the brilliant books by Thomas Harris or at least from the movies featuring Anthony Hopkins. So I was quite looking forward to a series on the serial killer versus FBI-Agent Will Graham. The series is set as a prequel to Red Dragon.

Well, I don’t really know what to make of the series. It’s not what I expected. I assume, the intend is to place it on a level with The Following. At least, it features an out-of-mind special agent Graham, who seems to go crazier with each show. Unfortunately, this series appears to me being really slow, rather a documentary on Graham’s psychiatric downfall, “supported” by Hannibal as his psychiatrist. It’s more talking about serial killings than investigating them. And, when investigating, Graham acts more like a psychic or medium than an agent.

Another drawback, at least to me, is the portrayal of Hannibal. Contrary to the books and movies, he lacks any (black) humor. Hannibal seems too serious and lacking of passion for what he does. And regarding the killings, the show pushes violent images of awkwardly killed dead bodies upfront. It does not show the killings itself, but lives from the “artistic” arrangements of the victims.

So, contrary to The Following, which has twists and turns and speed, Hannibal is the complete opposite.