I am quite a fan of crime and drama, as can be seen of what I read. Of course, there are quite some TV shows that thrill me. One of these shows is Dexter. The unique storyline is that the main protagonist, Dexter Morgan, is a serial killer. Conveniently working as blood analyst for the (fictional) Miami Metro Police, he has access to crime records etc. to support his “real life”.

The drama is about him having the need to kill and, tought by his adoptive police officer father, following a code to kill “bad” people only. Of course, there is a constant threat of him being exposed or murdered, and together with some family twists, this show is not only gripping but on many occasions funny as well (although it sounds weird to have fun seeing people getting killed). The show has made quite a development over time, where I found the first seasons to be quite balanced with comical situations and suspension, the later seasons are rather becoming darker. While it was more focused on crime cases and “serving justice” in the beginning, it now became more about relationships.

I quite like this show. It’s very entertaining and somewhat different to the usual crime scene investigation.

(Photo © copyright Showtime)