Sherlock – A Scandal in Belgravia

Sherlock - E1S2Since more than a year now I was waiting for the successor of the first three episode long season of Sherlock. Always having been a fan of the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this new version of the detective and his fellow Dr. Watson brings this great brain to modern ages. Well, I am aware of the new movies on the old Sherlock Holmes, and they are surely nicely done films. But this british series Sherlock with Cumberbatch and Freeman does much more to me.

So on January 1st, the first episode of three of the second season, A Scandal in Belgravia (obviously a reference on the first story about Holmes) ran on BBC, and it’s simply delicious to watch. It really starts fast off with where the last episode ended (with a rather startling solution to Moriarty and Holmes departing from the pool scene) and goes into rapid fragments on cases too boring for the master mind. Including some more plays on old (original) Holmes’ cases like The Geek Interpreter and The speckled Blonde, one can partially read about on Watson’s blog (which is quite a read in itself).

After that little foreplay, they are forced into a case involving some woman named Irene Adler (yes, they took her name into it as well) who somehow seemed to make Holmes fail on drawing conclusions in the first. Of course, acompanied by some tiny bits of action, everything turned back to his brillant brain and the case gets (kind of) solved. Slowing down a bit, the audiance is put back to a quite relaxed mind, when suddenly the story picks up speed again and comes to its final conclusion. Of course, spread all over the show are Cumberbatch’s well played rapid deduction scenes, may they be on solving a case of someone dying in the midth of nowhere or coming out as playing badly on a female co-worker of his.

I loved this episode with all its twists and references to Conan Doyles’ originals, even the episode is quite a modern re-designed story of A Scandal in Bohemia in it’s beginning, it turned out to be more than that, up the the final where Mycroft and Watson are trying to deceive Sherlock about Irene Adler’s death.

All thumbs up, even my big toes. Oh, can’t wait for the next episode and also for MorganFreeman playing The Hobbit.