Stephen Hawking – The Grand Design

Stephen Hawking - The Grand DesignWell, I am not big in physics or astronomy, but from time to time I like to have a read in popular science books. So I did with Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design. I already liked it’s predecessor A Brief History of Time, and the new book picks up the points made and takes them further into current research. From the writing I assume that the co-author Leonard Mlodinow, also well known as writer for several television fiction series, had quite some hands into it, as it reads very humorous and story-like in parts. Of course, I only understood at most half of what they explained in detail, but one does not have to have a degree in physics to get the picture. I really enjoyed the examples that made the theories graspable, although it seemed a little easy as conclusion to say that there is not one but a multiverse of theories who together make the universal one. I’d rather say it’s still too early in the age of mankind to conclude about all this. Well, an amazing read to me and quite a recommendation to anyone having a little interest in scientific theories.