Robert Wilson – The Blind Man of Seville

Robert Wilson - The Blind Man of SevilleThis is the first of the Javier Falcon thrillers, a criminal investigator of the Seville police department. With The Blind Man of Seville Robert Wilson took me by surprise. It starts out with a quite shocking killing where the investigation begins, but turns out to become a very personal storyline for the inspector jefe Falcon. One learns a lot about the protagonists of the novel, going quite deep into their minds. While I usually like stories that go straight on with the matter, the interwoven plotlines of this thriller fascinated me. It seems like a lot of coincidences as most of the people involved are somehow related to each other, but not in a unbelievable way. And finally an investigator (again) who actively goes on solving the main case of this novel with intellect rather than luck.